Have you ever wondered why it seems to take so long for your furniture delivery near me? You’ve probably called the furniture store, wondering if they have forgotten about you. Why does it seem to take so long? The answer to this question lies in the supply chain of the furniture industry. While companies like Ikea are pioneering new ways to deliver their products quickly and efficiently, most stores aren’t nearly as quick or efficient as they could be.

What Are The Delivery Options

It could take up to six weeks for an item to ship if that item is not available in your local store. Furniture pieces are typically made-to-order and require assembly, which takes time and resources. If you're looking for something specific, like a signature furniture piece or a custom order, we recommend getting in touch with us directly by phone or email and letting us know your timeframe needs. You can also put in a request as soon as you order an item on our website by selecting shipment and providing your date requirements. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs while maintaining the high quality of workmanship that we're known for here at Legacy Company!

What Happens If The Product Can’t Be Shipped In Time?

We guarantee delivery within the window specified at checkout. If that window expires, we can usually extend your deadline and have your order shipped within a day or two. In certain circumstances, customers may also receive a discount on their purchase price. 

What Is Shipping Insurance And How Does It Work?

Shipping insurance offers protection for your signature furniture pieces against damage that can occur during shipment. Whether you need to replace a piece or receive a refund on an order, shipping insurance is just one click away on the checkout screen and will provide you with peace of mind. If any of your shipments are damaged during the delivery process, simply make a claim online. Our team will walk you through the process and get your replacement scheduled in no time!

When should I buy shipping insurance? (four sentences) For peace of mind when shipping signature furniture, go ahead and purchase Shipping Insurance from the checkout page at checkout.

When Will I Receive A Tracking Number After Ordering Online?

Once your order has been successfully processed, a tracking number will usually be automatically generated and sent to the email address associated with your account. If you have not received an email with a tracking number then this means that there was an issue processing the order and in most cases, the order will need to be canceled and re-ordered. The reason behind unsuccessful processing can vary, but what's more important is making sure that you take steps accordingly so as not to continue waiting.

If you were ordering one of our products on this site then once your purchase was made, a pre-sale notification should have also been emailed to you with information on where your purchase is currently in production as well as shipping estimates when available.

Last Minute Delivery Options

If you can't wait any longer and need your new couch or dining room set now, we suggest buying it locally. The upside of buying locally is that you can see the product in person before committing to the purchase. However, some things you might need to consider when purchasing a product locally: You may not have your desired color or size available, or the price might be higher than online retailers with free shipping. Depending on how important having a certain color or size is for you, there could also be limited design options from retailers in your area.

How Do I Know When The Goods Arrive At My Door Step, Apartment, Office, Or Storage Unit

Your shipment should arrive in 5-7 business days from the day that you ordered it. After the goods arrive, a carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. You'll need a driver's license or passport and to know the best time for them to deliver your goods. When you receive the call, make sure you get a return phone number so that when there are any issues (as sometimes happens) we can work on solutions with you.

Is There An Estimated Delivery Time Frame For the USA?

Best Mattress Center offers next-day delivery, but there are some exceptions. For example, we may have your mattress on a truck that needs to make its way from one region to the other. In this case, you'll receive an estimated delivery time frame of six to eight weeks. Rest assured that once we give you the delivery window, our team will contact you about two weeks before your new bed's arrival and set up a specific day and time.

What Causes Delays In Delivering Ikea Products Within The USA And What You Can Do About It

Depending on the current season, Ikea may take up to six weeks to produce and deliver your order. Ikea uses a production system called 'just-in-time' where most items are delivered at one time, this delivery can happen all at once or over some time. Additionally, depending on when you ordered your item, delivery could take between 2-6 weeks. So even if you order something next month, it may not arrive until June because it will still have to be made in advance of delivery.

To expedite the process, you can visit an Ikea store near you and pick up items (if available), in certain cases they will ship your purchase straight from their warehouse as well as offer free returns when purchased online through their website.