If the overbite is an issue, you must take your child to an orthodontist for overbite braces. Many kids and young children have overbite issues. An overbite can lead to many oral health issues if not corrected on time. The sooner you fix an overbite in children, the better it is. Untreated overbites can become a problem once they grow up. 

This often makes parents consider when to take their children to the orthodontist and if correcting it is necessary. However, overbites demand correction; the sooner it's fixed, the better. Overbite braces can treat your child's overbite; they will thank you later.

Evaluating your child's overbite

Evaluating a child's overbite requires a thorough examination. You should begin checking your child's teeth as young as 5.

Your pediatric dentist Miami fl will first evaluate the teeth to determine if the upper teeth hide more than half of the bottom teeth when the child bites down. If so, the dentist will measure the severity of the overbite. They will also look for any signs of joint pain, facial asymmetries, or abnormal muscle movements. The dentist may also take x-rays to examine any misalignment of the jaws. The best treatment option for overcrowding include braces, jaw surgery, or orthodontic devices, depending on the severity of the child's overbite. Consult with your orthodontist about the best plan for your child.

An overbite can cause many problems for your child in the future, such as difficulty chewing food, minor to severe headaches, jaw and ear pain, facial pain, and neck problems. It causes many oral issues too. Children can't clean their mouths correctly, which can cause plaque and tartar, which can further convert to tooth decay and gum disease. It is recommended that a parent should take the child to an overbite orthodontist before the age of 8 to stop worsening the situation.

Why should you treat your child's overbite earlier?

Treating an overbite early keeps your child's teeth healthy. The earlier you treat your child's overbite, the better their teeth will evolve. It can also help control your child from experiencing more comprehensive treatments if the overbite deteriorates. Depending on the severity of the child’s overbite, if left untreated can cause the following issues:

  • Speaking and eating problem
  • Lower teeth cut into the upper gums or the upper surface of the mouth.
  • Pain in the jaw and gums
  • Worn tooth enamel increases the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Teeth grinding
  • Decreases self-esteem and confidence

Ask your dentist for previous overbite before and after braces treatment to see if the dentist has records of the same issues as your kid has; this will help you know the dentist has the experience and can treat your child's overbite. 

How overbites are treated

As kids are small, their mouths and jaws are still developing, and treating an overbite isn't tricky. There are fewer treatment options for adults with mature jaw bones and gums. 

The dentist will take a mold and x-ray of the child's overbite to determine what is causing the bad bite. The best method to treat an overbite is braces that will correct the bite and straighten your child's teeth.

In Conclusion:

Make an appointment and speak to your child's orthodontists specialists in Florida

about overbite treatments. You can ask the dentist for overbite before and after videos or images for more clarity. Call your dentist now!

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