As you know that to straighten your teeth, you need braces to correct all the misalignment problems. But sometimes, you may need turbo bites to improve the bite correctly, and braces may need help sometimes. 

Therefore, braces do an excellent job of straightening your teeth and improving your bite. 

Metal braces use metal brackets that attach to the back teeth and hold the wire tightly to straighten your teeth; sometimes, when you have a bad bite, it can damage those brackets, and that's why affordable orthodontist near me recommend bite blocks.

You may lisp after wearing turbo bites. Your jaw is not used to it, and it may take time to get used to it. Chewing and eating can be difficult after installing the bite block, and your mouth will be sore a little after placing the bite block. Bite blocks force your jaw to move harder and make the alignment correctly. 

What Is A Bite Block?

To prevent you from fully biting down, bite blocks or turbo are usually formed of acrylic and wire and fastened to the front or back teeth. The goal of placing turbo is to prevent contact between the upper and lower teeth while undergoing treatment.

Your mouth has the ideal size for the bite turbos to fit. They can be made of different materials and have different colors, such as clear, red/pink, or other hues. These can fit inside the front teeth, usually L- or triangle-shaped. Affixed to the top of your back teeth, they can also be flat or heaped blocks.

Therefore, the biting blocks can be adjusted to accommodate various bites, including overbites, under bites, etc. 

Why Do I Need A Bite Block?

If you have a severe misalignment, braces can correct it, but they may need help fixing your bite problem. Orthodontic treatment is to restore all your dental issues, whether repairing your bite or aligning your teeth. Suppose your bite isn't aligned perfectly whenever you chew or bite. The bad bite will put excessive force on your jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Sometimes, this can wear your teeth down severely and lead to extreme pain when you chew or bite. Your teeth can become more damaged, and other jaw problems or health issues can arise. Your orthodontist will make sure to prevent or correct any problems. 

The bite block prevents many other bite issues from occurring. It helps with your braces to realign your bite and jaw. 

How Long Do You Need to Wear A Bite Block?

It's reassuring to learn that biting blockers are temporary. The orthodontist aventura fl will remove the bite block once your jaw has enough practice biting and your teeth are more correctly positioned and aligned. Patients typically use a biting block for 6 to 9 months. The duration of your bite block treatment may vary depending on how quickly your teeth realign.

In Conclusion:

Bite blocks are an excellent tool for enhancing the results of your orthodontic treatment, and you may feel them strange at first in your mouth. Bite blocks can quicken the alignment of your teeth and jaw and help you bite better. They may speed up and improve the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment! Contact your orthodontist north miami for more details.

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