You must have gone for orthodontic treatment and heard a term called "bite turbos." Bite turbos are small, raised bumps platforms made of composite resin placed on the inside of the front teeth to prevent correct bite issues. In this article, you will see what bite turbos are, how to eat with them, whether they can hurt, and where you will find the best orthodontics near me.

What are Bite Turbos?

Bite turbos, also known as bite blocks, are small bumps specially placed on the back of the front teeth. It helps to help prevent biting issues during the early stages of orthodontics treatment. Bite Turbos is made of composite resin used for dental fillings.

It is generally used to create space between the lower and upper teeth, which helps to reduce overbite issues. Bite turbos can be placed on the upper and lower teeth, depending on the person's needs.

Can you eat with Bite turbos?

Yes, the person having bite turbos can eat with this, but it may take some time to get used to. Since bite turbos create some space between the upper and lower teeth, you may need to adjust how you chew your food.

Some patients may find chewing softer foods like purees, yogurt, and soft macaroni easier. It is also crucial to avoid biting directly into hard or crunchy foods like nuts, ice cubes, popcorn, or candy, as this may cause the bite turbos to become damaged. Your orthodontics specialists of florida will also provide instructions on how to eat with bite turbos and what foods to avoid.

How Long Do Bite Turbos Stay On?

It depends on the individual case how longer bite turbos stay. Sometimes, Bite turbos are used as a short-term measure to help correct over and underbite issues. Once the results are good, the back of the front teeth removes the bite turbos. Typically, bite turbos stay on for a few months. Still, your orthodontist in aventura Florida will inform you how long they will need to stay on for your case.

Can Bite Turbos Hurt?

Bite turbos should not cause any pain or discomfort to your teeth. However, some patients may experience soreness or sensitivity in the first few weeks or days after placement. This is normal and should soften within a few days. Suppose you experience any pain or discomfort. In that case, contacting your orthodontist in aventura Florida is essential as soon as possible.


Bite turbos can be a more effective treatment option for correcting bite problems. You must talk to your best orthodontist with any questions or concerns. They can provide specific information about how to bite turbos will work for your case. With proper attention and care, bite turbos will help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

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