If you are considering adding a garnet gemstone to your jewelry collection, you may be wondering which one is the best choice for you. There are a variety of garnet gemstones available in different colors and sizes, from the deep red of the traditional pyrope to the bright orange of the mandarin orange garnet. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most popular types of garnet gemstones and explore which one might be the best fit for you.


If you're looking for a rare and unique gemstone, consider zultanite. Zultanite is an extremely rare variety of garnet that's mined exclusively in Turkey. It comes in a range of colors from yellow to orange to green and its exceptional luster makes it highly desirable for jewelry. Zultanite is also known for its extraordinary color-changing properties, which can turn the stone from yellow-green to orange-pink depending on the lighting conditions. This natural phenomenon adds to the beauty of this rare gemstone, making it a great choice if you're looking for something special.


This gemstone is often cut into cabochons or faceted shapes to enhance its already gorgeous coloring. Some examples of cuts for andradite include oval, cushion, round, and emerald. It is also a popular choice for rings and pendants due to its durability and ability to hold its color for a long time.

If you are looking for a striking gemstone to add to your jewelry collection, then andradite is a great choice! It's rarity, variety of colors, and incredible durability make it an ideal option for those who want something special.


No matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, a grossular garnet can add an extra special touch. From pendants and earrings to rings and necklaces, a grossular garnet is sure to add beauty and meaning to any piece. Whether you choose a pale green hue or a bright pink color, grossular garnet is a versatile and stunning option that will last you a lifetime.


This stunning gemstone can be found in various locations around the world such as Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tanzania, and even the United States. It’s typically cut into facets in order to maximize its sparkle and shine. It can also be cut into cabochons to show off its luster or as beads to make necklaces and other jewelry pieces.

If you’re looking for a gemstone that will bring you energy and vitality, Pyrope is the perfect choice. With its beautiful color and its healing properties, it’s sure to make any outfit or piece of jewelry stand out.


Whether you’re looking for a piece of jewelry or just a decorative item, rhodolite is an excellent choice for those who want something special and unique. With its beautiful color and healing properties, rhodolite garnet is a must-have addition to any collection.


This gemstone can be found in many parts of the world, including India, Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, and the USA. In addition to its beauty, spessartite garnet is believed to be a powerful stone that carries many metaphysical properties. It is said to bring out courage, strength, and passion in its wearer. Additionally, it is believed to help with motivation, creativity, and decision-making.


This type of garnet can be cut into many different shapes and sizes. Its vivid green color looks especially beautiful when cut into round or pear shapes, which help to show off its sparkling facets. While it’s very popular in jewelry, Uvarovite is also used to create spectacular cabochons and pendants.

For those looking for something special and unique, Uvarovite is the perfect choice. Its green hues combined with its remarkable sparkle make it a truly remarkable gemstone. Whether you’re looking for a piece of jewelry or just something special to admire, Uvarovite is an excellent option.